The Dark Knight Rises


The movie's official game


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The Dark Knight Rises is a third-person action game, led by Batman, in which you must relive certain events from the latest installment as you enjoy a story exclusively for video games.

In the game, you can move about as you like among tons of different sites throughout Gotham, carrying out different missions with varied objectives. These might include rescuing hostages, finishing off villains, responding to bomb threats and much more.

In addition to going on foot, during which there are moments where you can deploy your entire arsenal of hits and gadgets, in The Dark Knight Rises you can also use some of Batman's vehicles, which allow you to travel all over the city at full speed in a series of special missions.

In terms of graphics, Gameloft has once again outdone itself, offering a visual quality that stands out, especially on devices with Retina display.

The Dark Knight Rises is an outstanding action game with a great story, an excellent combat system, and a lot of variety. Rarely has putting on Batman's suit been so fun, especially on an iOS device.
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